Think you Can Build a Company in a Weekend?

June 7th, 2007

Well I’ll let you know next month!  My buddy Andrew Hyde came up with this whacky idea and I love it… you can read a little about how this idea formulated here.

I met Andrew almost two years ago and liked him right away… soft spoken and humble but just overflowing with ideas, passion, and creativity.  We met for coffee a week after meeting and in about 5 minutes he setup this blog for me.  Sweetness… since then we have become good friends and have had a chance to work together a little bit (he built the tiny twitter landing page).

Well Andrew’s idea for creating a startup in a weekend is freaking brilliant, and my bet is that we will pull this off - I am thinking a potato launcher will be zee winner.  Although, I have heard that when you put a bunch of talented people in a room together all you get is chaos (wouldn’t know anything about that)… we’ll see, as I am guessing the team is gonna be packed with fire power. 

I bet David is there, Stan too.  Maybe Danny and Adam will come up from Denver.  David Henderson perhaps… Patrick Cameron… the folks from Tech StarsMikeAri… Joe… maybe even Brad or Seth will be around to provide the seed round - we’ll need at least 500 bones for pizza and coffee.  I may even need to drag ace developer Matthias out of the basement for this one!!!  It’ll be fun at the very least!

Thanks Andrew for doing it!

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3 Responses to “Think you Can Build a Company in a Weekend?”

  1. Michael Sitarzewski Says:

    Stay tuned… Chris and I put together an application that will launch tonight… from idea to app took two days. ;-)

  2. Kevin Says:

    Sweetness… Michael, you and Chris kick ass! Can’t wait to see what you cooked up!

  3. Michael Sitarzewski Says:

    Hey Kevin, you should have received your invite last night. Ping me if you didn’t.

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