This Christmas, It’s Still EVO vs iPhone

With the mad rush of phones launching in a few weeks, many are trying to paint this holiday season as the Windows Phone comeback.

Despite the fact that many phones launching for the holiday blitz are excellent phones, the story remains the same. The 2 best phones on the market are still the HTC EVO and Apple’s iPhone.

If you need help deciding this video comparison of the EVO vs. iPhone is just what the doctor ordered.

Source: Wirefly

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Windows vs. Android — AT&T Style

Microsoft has finally emerge as a challenger to the Android craze.

But, will these phones be able to live up to the level of quality and coolness that the Android phones have come to represent.

Wirefly’s comparison of the Samsung Focus vs. Samsung Captivate indicates that it’s going to be a close fight.

Anyone ready to jump back on the WinMo bandwagon?

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Here comes the G2. Can it deliver on the hype?

The G2 for T-Mobile is the next generation of the phone that launched the Android craze — the G1. Early buzz is that the phone doesn’t live up to what would be expected of the second coming of the original Android phone.

Wirefly has posted another comparison of two hot Android T-Mobile phones, the Samsung Vibrant and soon-to-launch G2.

Here are some of the highlights of the G2 as compared to the Samsung Vibrant:

*User Interface: The Samsung Vibrant is running Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 user interface while the G2 is running a stock version of the Google Experience. TouchWiz differs from stock Android in a number of ways, including the homescreen widgets available, appearance and some Android enhancements characteristic of TouchWiz. Overall, however, the core functionality of Android remains the same on both devices, and the choice between the two interfaces is one of personal preference.

* Power: The Vibrant is equipped with an ultra-fast fast 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 512MB of RAM. Although still a very snappy device, the G2 by HTC has only an 800 MHz processor, but has an equivalent 512MB of RAM. In day-to-day activities such as web browsing or checking email, the difference in power between the two devices won’t be significantly noticeable, but may make a difference for power users.

Check out the full T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Vibrant comparison for more info.

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DROID X or DROID 2? What’s the difference?

If you’re considering an Android phone on Verizon Wireless, the Motorola DROID 2 and Motorola DROID X are two enticing picks.  Comparing the two devices side by side, the DROID X has a substantially larger screen that makes it better for anything from watching movies to surfing the web.  The larger screen size, however, makes the device itself substantially larger and a bit cumbersome.

Screen size aside, the DROID X also offers several higher-end features including an HDMI out port, camera capable of capturing higher resolution photos, and camcorder able to capture high definition video.  The DROID 2, on the other hand, has enticing features including a sliding QWERTY keyboard and slightly better battery life.  The DROID 2 also fits nicely in a pocket.

For more details, here’s a detailed DROID 2 vs. DROID X comparison chart.

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Wirefly compares BlackBerry Torch 9800

Thinking about making the switch to BlackBerry’s new full screen device with sliding QWERTY keyboard, but not sure if it’s the right choice for you — particularly when there are so many great smartphone choices out there?

Well, before you pull the trigger on your purchase, you might want to check out Wirefly’s comparison of the BlackBerry Torch vs. several hot smartphones for AT&T.  There’s a great BlackBerry Torch vs. BlackBerry Bold 9700 rundown if you’re trying to make your choice between two of AT&T’s best BlackBerrys.  If you’re considering the iPhone, take a look at the BlackBerry Torch vs. iPhone 4 comparison.  Or if you’re thinking about an Android-powered device, take a look at the Samsung Captivate vs. BlackBerry Torch comparison.

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T-Mobile’s Galaxy S phone is one to watch

Wirefly’s done a really nice in-depth review of the Samsung Vibrant. For those who don’t know, it’s T-Mobile version of the Android-based Galaxy S.

Samsung is issuing a version to each carrier with slightly different features (Fascinate, Captivate and Epic), in hopes of world domination.

While they may not dethrone the DROIDs or the iPhone, these Galaxy S phones are worth checking out. To see how the Samsung Galaxy S line stacks up against some of the heavy hitters, check out these comparisons — Samsung Captivate vs. iPhone 4, Samsung Epic 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G, & Samsung Fascinate vs. DROID X.

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Android fever is (finally) hitting AT&T

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the fine folks over at AT&T seems to have finally caught the fever that has already struck the remainder of the mobile nation: Android fever. Motorola’s BACKFLIP was the first Android phone to jump onto AT&T’s network. Fever, though, hadn’t quite struck until the HTC Aria and Samsung Captivate stood up this past week and challenged the iPhone 4 to a duel.

Both of these Android phones and their widget-loving home screens stand to take a bite out of Apple’s spirit, and here’s how the iPhone 4 stacks up against these two Android-powered threats:

HTC Aria vs. Apple iPhone 4
iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Captivate

Get the HTC Aria for free!

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