Farewell NewsGator

May 15th, 2008

My last day at NewsGator was one to remember… first, I couldn’t find my Blackberry so I went back home to find it.  Of course, I couldn’t… I think one of my kiddos buried it somewhere. I’m still looking for it.  Well, when I got back to the NewsGator office some of my buddies decided to muck w/ my laptop and my stuff.  My display was rotated 180 degrees and my mouse was switched to leftie style.  And my running shoes were stuffed full of trail mix (found that later).  Awesome! Bad ass!  That is what I will miss most about NewsGator – brilliant folks who also like to have fun.  Just hilarious and very cool to get messed with right until the end.  I couldn’t have done better myself.

So, I figure the screen rotation thing is a tablet kinda task and Nick Harris is a former tablet guy… busted. And I got Touchdown TD pegged for the shoe goodness.  There are several others on the short list of suspects… awesome folks who I will miss big time!

On Friday evening I had a going away party at a really nice restaurant in downtown Denver.  I was blown away with how everyone was so psyched about my new endeavor; the well wishes felt great! Greg and I joked that on Monday everyone would be calling me out as a dumb ass for leaving such a great place.  Okay, there may be some truth to that :) I also got to chat with Greg about early days of NewsGator (fund raising, office hunting, and other crazy startup stuff) - took away some solid advice.

What a great way to leave a great company!

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