Boulder Tech Meetup and Good Folks

October 4th, 2006

Tonight was the second installment of the Boulder Tech Meetup and it was very interesting…  I got to hook up with a ton of folks who I have met over the years through the Boulder/Denver tech scene and see some cool demos.  It was a full house - there were a bunch of people jammed into the confrence room.

My buddies from id345, Danny and Austin, made the trip up from Denver.  I am sure they are out now as I write this tearing up the late night Boulder scene.  These guys just ooze with energy, brilliance, and excitement. Also on hand were Adam, the authority for biotech in Colorado, and Dave, from the Onion fame, two smart and motivated good buddies of mine.   Adam, Dave, and I went out for coffee after the gathering – that’s our beverage of choice.
Ask Dave Taylor was on hand to answer and ask questions – I owe Dave a t-shirt btw.  Dave what do you really think about Agile??? Dave is impressive.  CEO of Six88, Jason Eckenroth (we go back to our days at CU) was there as well.  Jason is a sharp dude and one heck of a nice guy.  Peter and Liz from 5o9inc were in the house – Peter was quiet; he must have been tired ;)

Joe Pezzillo was first to demo… Joe is a super cool and smart cat and proud new poppa – lil’ Pascal is very cute.  Joe showed Anthracite – a very slick app.  Anthracite is a powerful utility for mining web data and processing text.  Of course, the output of the processing can be an RSS feed ready to be consumed in a NewsGator product!  BTW, Joe and I are organizing Barcamp Boulder which will be rolling in early November.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

Dave Cohen, who helped get me started in this whole software mess many moons ago, showed off Earfeeder.  If you are into music, you gotta check this out.  It is awesome.  Earfeeder figures out your musical interest based on your existing collection and serves up RSS feeds with new release info, concert info, and other important info about your favorite artists.  Dave fired up NetNewsWire to consume his Earfeeder feed.  Go NewsGator once again!  Rolling Stone and iTunes are a few of the sources that feed EarFeeder.  Check it out… There’s an interesting side story here with Dave and I.  When I was in graduate school, I was a Linux snob and didn’t get introduced to the world of Windows programming until I started working for Dave’s startup after seeing his mug in the local paper.  Funny thing, I am now mostly a Windows/.NET programmer and Dave is now all about LAMP (well he calls  it LAMJ w/ Java replacing php)… in a few years it’ll be interesting to see what development tools we are using.

Alex Komarnitsky showed how he pulled of wiring his Xmas lights for remote control.  This project has garnered a ton of press locally and nationally over the last few years and Alex has done a great job leveraging this press to help raise money for an affliction that his kids suffer from – that’s cool!  Yeh, you guessed it, I have a connection to Alex too.  I took a software engineering class with his brother Mike (who I learned is now an MBA grad) and also built a search routine (in Perl) for one of Mike’s web sites back in the day (it’s the search dealio in the bottom right corner of the home page - glad to see it is still in production many years later).

Jean McAuliffe talked about Agile development - a technique used at NewsGator.

I am always reminded how small the world is… especially in the tech space.  There are a bunch of smart and interesting people in and around Boulder – it’s cool to get a bunch of those folks in one room.  Many thanks to Medium for putting this on (looking forward to the Medium demo next month)!

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7 Responses to “Boulder Tech Meetup and Good Folks”

  1. Adam Says:

    you are too kind! what a great event. looking forward to attending boulder bar camp and next months Boulder tech meetup. so this stuff is not as easy as DNA and drug development but just as cool!

  2. » Boulder New Tech Meetup recap Says:

    […] Kevin Cawley wrote a great summary of the New Tech Meetup last night on his blog. I would like to thank Robert Reich (of Medium) for organizing this event. I think it’s a great resource for Boulder. […]

  3. Dave Taylor Says:

    … and where *is* that T-Shirt, Kevin? Ah well, we’ll pull Barcamp Boulder together and maybe I’ll score a T-Shirt then instead. :-)

  4. Kevin Says:

    I gave my last XL to Brad Feld… ahh, just kidding I still have some left and will hook you up during BarCamp Boulder. Which will be going down on November 11th.

    Yeh, that would be 11/11 or 0×0F - how cool is that. Oh, and I gotta give credit to Joe Pezzillo for pointing out this kick ass date.

  5. alek Says:

    Little late for the comment, but just saw this post … but thanks for the nice words.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Hey Alek… you’re welcome and be sure to say hi to your bro for me!

    Just realized that I miffed your first name… Alek NOT Alex, sorry about that.

  7. Boulder New Tech Meetup recap » Says:

    […] Kevin Cawley wrote a great summary of the New Tech Meetup last night on his blog. I would like to thank Robert Reich (of Medium) for organizing this event. I think it’s a great resource for Boulder. […]

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